Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years' Eve - 31 December 2010

Who said the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step? This blogspot is designed to kick off our Malaysian holiday and journey starting 05 March 2011 and to capture our experiences through photos. There are eight travellers who have committed their time and savings into this experience, some for the first time to Malaysia and some who have resided in Penang for many years. Names of travellers are: 

Neil Ratcliff (South Penrith, NSW)
Anne Ratcliff (South Penrith, NSW)
Carol Ratcliff (South Penrith, NSW)
Tom Hepe (South Penrith, NSW)
Kay Swan (Mount Druitt, NSW)
Myrtle Lewis (Huntington Heights, NSW)
Dawn Guthrie (Seven Hills, NSW) and
Heather Parsons (Ermington, NSW)

Oh, if you have not guessed it by now, except for Carol and Tom we are all from the Rooty Hill RSL ballroom dancing fraternity. We meet frequently on Wednesday and Saturday nights at the razzle presented by Heather's "feathersandfoxtrot" in the Wally Chubb dance room.

The first endeavour is to post our itinerary and also a small informative book detailing our sites-to-see, things-to-do and our travelling destinations. I have included the itinerary in this post, however the book will be captured prior to our departure - with a little bit of luck. The following jpg may be copied and enlarged for user friendliness.

Our Itinerary - March 2011 Malaysia Holiday

Hopefully individual or group photographs will come in time. To start Neil & Anne are to first to show themselves. This picture was taken at Macchu Pichu, Peru April 2010.