Sunday, February 27, 2011

Almost Time

Well this is the first time for me to post.  I have done no packing but I have had my injections tonight.  I just don't have enough time to get back to the doctor so I got a friend to give them to me.  She isn't a nurse but she did do a good job.  It was really funny trying to explain how to do it plus she had to change the plunger as I needed two different solutions.  It did sting but she did a really good job.  Now I won't get Hep A or Typhoid!!!!

  I am a little worried about the time I will have to spend on the plane.  What if I get some screaming kid next to me, behind me or in front.  Am I allowed to kick the seat or be rude to the mother??? My friend suggested earplugs so that is on the list now! Alysha has also downlaoded heaps of apps for my ipad so I will have lots to do.  Well I hope to get my bag packed this week.  See you at the airport, Love Heather

One Week To Go


This will be my last post from Australia before our eight hour journey to Kuala Lumpur. For those who will be attending the Wednesday and Saturday nights dances at Rooty Hill RSL we hope that Michael & Narelle's MC work is just as good as Heather's. I'm certain that many will miss Heather's cheerful banter for the three or so weeks we are away. We will remember to ponder over a few drinks in a tropical hotel bar thinking of those who are in the Wally Chubb Room during the time when the dances are on.

Once in Malaysia next week we will endeavour to insert photographs of our experiences on a weekly basis hopefully illustrating a few humorous "kodak" moments. So any readers who are eager to insert a comment or so please do - all of us would be glad to hear from Oz while we away.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Two Weeks To Go

Who was this Englishman and what connection did Hollywood eventually had with this person?
A hint - he was buried in Penang's Old Cemetery. However his wife was more famous than he was.

On another note, if you haven't guessed - only two weeks to go!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Three Weeks To Go

How time flies - it's only 20 days to go! I believe most travellers have either purchased new bags or dragged them down from the cupboards ready to be packed - most are excited. For this weeks' contribution I'll post a series of photos of Air Base Butterworth, Malaysia during the seventies and eighties. These photographs depict life on the base as experienced by Neil. The RAAF aircraft at that time was the French made Mirage, a Mach 2 intercept fighter. Two squadrons were stationed at Butterworth which is directly across from the island of Penang. The first photo was taken from an Iroqouis helicopter that transported airmen from Butterworth to an island called Song Song. Song Song was thirty or so kilometres away from Penang and served as a air-to-ground target range. Two photos show how the aircraft was armed with 30mm ammunition and the others are shots of the base showing the "French Lady". Hope readers enjoy these captured pictures. Until next week

The Travel Director

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Four Weeks To Go

There is really nothing to place into the blogspot at this stage. Nevertheless I will post a yarn or two on a weekly basis until we arrive in the land of batik, hawker food, and the inevitable wet season. After looking at the current weather pattern for Kuala Lumpur the temperature has been sitting around the 32 deg C max with occasional thunderstorms and showers. Penang is experiencing similar weather with their typical wet season - afternoon thunderstorms and cloudy throughout the day. "What can you set your watch by Harry" was Graeme Kennedy's frequent question asked to him in the film The Odd Angry Shot? Interestingly the temperature rarely goes above 33 deg C in Malaysia however the high humidity is the unconfortable aspect of Malaysian weather. 

To finish this blogspot I'll insert a film clip of the most famous of all dancers - Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse (no not Ginger Rogers). The extract comes from The Bandwagon and to many it is the best dance routine Fred and Cyd performed for the silver screen. The music is Dancing in the Dark and accentuates the foxtrot style. Hope you enjoy this piece. Until next week.