Saturday, February 5, 2011

Four Weeks To Go

There is really nothing to place into the blogspot at this stage. Nevertheless I will post a yarn or two on a weekly basis until we arrive in the land of batik, hawker food, and the inevitable wet season. After looking at the current weather pattern for Kuala Lumpur the temperature has been sitting around the 32 deg C max with occasional thunderstorms and showers. Penang is experiencing similar weather with their typical wet season - afternoon thunderstorms and cloudy throughout the day. "What can you set your watch by Harry" was Graeme Kennedy's frequent question asked to him in the film The Odd Angry Shot? Interestingly the temperature rarely goes above 33 deg C in Malaysia however the high humidity is the unconfortable aspect of Malaysian weather. 

To finish this blogspot I'll insert a film clip of the most famous of all dancers - Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse (no not Ginger Rogers). The extract comes from The Bandwagon and to many it is the best dance routine Fred and Cyd performed for the silver screen. The music is Dancing in the Dark and accentuates the foxtrot style. Hope you enjoy this piece. Until next week. 

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  1. Neil & Ann,
    Dancing is not only your talent but you can also be a Travel guide expert. What an organised group, you can put a shame to some Travel Agent & Tour guide.

    Keep dancing and enjoy your trip
    Helen & Eddie