Sunday, February 13, 2011

Three Weeks To Go

How time flies - it's only 20 days to go! I believe most travellers have either purchased new bags or dragged them down from the cupboards ready to be packed - most are excited. For this weeks' contribution I'll post a series of photos of Air Base Butterworth, Malaysia during the seventies and eighties. These photographs depict life on the base as experienced by Neil. The RAAF aircraft at that time was the French made Mirage, a Mach 2 intercept fighter. Two squadrons were stationed at Butterworth which is directly across from the island of Penang. The first photo was taken from an Iroqouis helicopter that transported airmen from Butterworth to an island called Song Song. Song Song was thirty or so kilometres away from Penang and served as a air-to-ground target range. Two photos show how the aircraft was armed with 30mm ammunition and the others are shots of the base showing the "French Lady". Hope readers enjoy these captured pictures. Until next week

The Travel Director

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