Monday, January 31, 2011

Five Weeks To Go

Shirley Ong lives along Jalan Sentosa, Tanjong Bungah a beach suburb on Penang Malaysia. Shirley and her husband Ong have been great friends since 1975 when we used to live across the road on Jalan Sentosa ..... and actually lives near our hotel when we visit Penang in March. They used to entertain us with true Malaysian kindness and gave many hours of experiencing Chinese and Malay dinners that excel any hawker stalls on Penang. Shirley used to be a teacher on Penang and long since retired. Nowadays she is the grandmother of two beautiful girls who live in Kuala Lumpur and two boys in USA.

I have attached three photographs of Shirley, one with Anne at the base of the KL Menara Tower and another with Anne and Neil in the foyer of the Genting Highlands Hotel. The third is a group photograph with Anne & Neil, Shirley and her husband Ong and Norma & Razak. Norma was our amah (Malaysian housekeeper) between 1981 and 1983. Norma and Razah were victims of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that hit Penang Malaysia with devastating force that destroyed their house. We calculated that we must be one of the few fortunate Air Force families that resided on Penang during those halycon years to keep touch with our amahs. 

For us who are going to Malaysia in March 2011, will meet Shirley who in her senior age will entertain us with her zest for life, hospitality and most importantly her friendship. Shirley is an avid line dancer, but alas, the most energetic of all line dancing style - modern jazz!  

Saturday, January 22, 2011

How to insert a Comment

After discussing with friends the issue of placing a comment in this blogspot there seems to be some difficulty with the way it has been set up. Consequently this post is an instruction to help those who may want to enter some banter, comments or just some words for discussion. To place a comment you'll need to:

1.  click on a "Comment" located under the particular post you may want to refer to,
2.  in the white box write your comment(s),
3.  under "Comment as: [select profile]" select "Name/URL",
4.  enter your name in the "Edit Profile",
5.  leave the "URL" box blank and click on "Continue",
6.  select "Preview" and then enter the anti-spam letters that appear in the white box,
7.  click on "Post Comment",
8.  your comment should now be on the system and published on the blogspot, and finally
9.  click on "Home" to return to the home screen.

Hope this helps and always searching to see some interesting comments.


NOTE: Only six-weeks to go before we "sortie" to the tropical wonderland of Malaysia.

Terima kasih (Thank you).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And Now For Something Different - The Viennese Waltz

I found an interesting You Tube piece featuring the famous Christopher and Justine Hawkins who were past Blackpool champions. The first half of this video clip show how the Viennese Waltz should be danced and the second half Christopher explains various unknowing complications when social dancers and even professionals display when they dance the Viennese. The video is only five minutes in duration and I'm certain for the majority of us there is a funny side to his demonstration. Perhaps some of us have seen similar exhibitions - definitely not at the Rooty Hill Razzle? Hope you enjoy this video presentation and if you like to comment the link below is easily accessed. You'll need to preview your comment first and enter your name when prompted. If the prompt is asking for an URL just leave this blank.



Monday, January 3, 2011

Who Are The Eight Amigos Going To Malaysia In March 2011?

Our first team member is ANNE, that is, the one holding "lambikins" taken in the Sacred Valley, Peru April 2010
For our holiday Anne's role is best suited as the Foreign Affairs Minister.

And introducing NEIL, taken in Cusco, Peru - April 2010
Neil's responsibility will be in Transport, Tourism and Entertainment.

This is KAY whose photo was taken at a recent formal dancing venue in 2010.
Kay's Ministry is yet to be decided. Perhaps Kay may assist in helping the other team members? 

Our happy & affable traveller DAWN, this photo was also taken during a ballroom dancing function in 2010. Perhaps Dawn may volunteer to be our Minister for Line Dancing and Recreation?

Our HEATHER, photo taken during the 2009 Leukaemia Foundation function.
As a RN Heather is the best candidate for the Department of Health, her motto: "a toast to your health"

The number six traveller is MYRTLE, this photo was taken during the 2010 Leukaemia Foundation function.
As a business guru Myrtle could be our finance consultant when comparing Ozzie prices against Malaysian offerings.  

Introducing CAROL gleaming for a photographic shoot as a model.
Carol is our Taxation consultant who is an expert on bargaining especially when trying to get the best deal during shopping ventures. 

Lastly our resident fitness trainer is TOM the youngest member of the team. Tom's role is to ensure that we keep our fitness level especially after eating Malaysian "makan". 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Penang - the Pearl of the Orient

For those who would like to know what Penang offers I have found an excellent YouTube footage created by a couple from a Mediterranean Sea country. I have to give credit and reference to Alfred and Jasmine Grech who resides in Mosta, Malta for their contribution. They have given their slide show "The Colours of Penang" an amazing pictorial image of what Penang can offer tourists. Notwithstanding their acheivements there are more interesting and "hidden" parts of Penang which we will certainly explore. With a time duration of over ten minutes is in my opinion worth the effort to look and ponder over the "The Pearl of the Orient"  and enjoy the music that accompanies this video - one could even dance to the background music. Hope you enjoy this footage.