Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And Now For Something Different - The Viennese Waltz

I found an interesting You Tube piece featuring the famous Christopher and Justine Hawkins who were past Blackpool champions. The first half of this video clip show how the Viennese Waltz should be danced and the second half Christopher explains various unknowing complications when social dancers and even professionals display when they dance the Viennese. The video is only five minutes in duration and I'm certain for the majority of us there is a funny side to his demonstration. Perhaps some of us have seen similar exhibitions - definitely not at the Rooty Hill Razzle? Hope you enjoy this video presentation and if you like to comment the link below is easily accessed. You'll need to preview your comment first and enter your name when prompted. If the prompt is asking for an URL just leave this blank.



1 comment:

  1. Hey Neil,

    Can I have the rest of that so i can do the viennese proper????? It looks like it was going to be a great lecture.