Monday, January 3, 2011

Who Are The Eight Amigos Going To Malaysia In March 2011?

Our first team member is ANNE, that is, the one holding "lambikins" taken in the Sacred Valley, Peru April 2010
For our holiday Anne's role is best suited as the Foreign Affairs Minister.

And introducing NEIL, taken in Cusco, Peru - April 2010
Neil's responsibility will be in Transport, Tourism and Entertainment.

This is KAY whose photo was taken at a recent formal dancing venue in 2010.
Kay's Ministry is yet to be decided. Perhaps Kay may assist in helping the other team members? 

Our happy & affable traveller DAWN, this photo was also taken during a ballroom dancing function in 2010. Perhaps Dawn may volunteer to be our Minister for Line Dancing and Recreation?

Our HEATHER, photo taken during the 2009 Leukaemia Foundation function.
As a RN Heather is the best candidate for the Department of Health, her motto: "a toast to your health"

The number six traveller is MYRTLE, this photo was taken during the 2010 Leukaemia Foundation function.
As a business guru Myrtle could be our finance consultant when comparing Ozzie prices against Malaysian offerings.  

Introducing CAROL gleaming for a photographic shoot as a model.
Carol is our Taxation consultant who is an expert on bargaining especially when trying to get the best deal during shopping ventures. 

Lastly our resident fitness trainer is TOM the youngest member of the team. Tom's role is to ensure that we keep our fitness level especially after eating Malaysian "makan". 

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