Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back in KL

We are back in KL having some therapy for Myrtle. She has had a period of time where we have all been concerned about her, but you will be pleased to know that she is back to her old self. it has taken no amount of ringets might I add. just keep toping up the credit card Vernon and we will bring her back safely!

I have found a beautiful dress for our 20th anniversary dance but I will need to loose a little more weight so guys, the dance card is back in circulation starting with David Walton. I will have to book a New Vogue Waltz with you to check Narelle and Michael's teaching. I have a few others in mind but can't book Vernon as Myrtle says she will have to keep him home every night for a month to counteract all the UN-truths we have told him about her. things like her snoring etc......I didn't think anyone had mentioned that yet but I may have missed it in the other blog entries!

There are many thngs about this trip that will be revealed over time but for now suffice to say, I do have lots of bribes coming to me and I will call them in if necessary, since I make all my faults public, no one has anything on me. yes I do snore, I have been cranky and I do get the shits......See you all knew all that, that is just the normal Heather.

Kathy, I am not returning to Darcy, I WILL be the Outreach nurse I have decided. I will trot up occasionally and see you but I offered Chris my body amongst other things, which he graciously declined, to get me out of there. So I recon I have a leg in for the position. I did bring two shirts, BOTH the same so that is why I always have the same one on AND I did wash them. trust you to notice, I thought I had got away with it until you pointed it out! I have had a few new pants made over here for work so you had better have a new pair of dacks before I get back next week. I have lost some weight, got new trousers and will be rested so I could end up with the CNC position if I play my cards right!

We will be home late Tuesday night if they let us on the plane as we all have overweight bags from all the food! we had to buy new clothes as we have lost weight! So I will see you all at the dance on Wednesday night. No excuses!!!!!!!

Until then


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