Friday, March 25, 2011

Genting Highlands 1

 Hi again Everyone,
thanks for the message Col and Greg. I think you have saved us and Neil will put up some more photos before we get home. We are further down the peninsular today, close to KL. The altitude is amongst the clouds and the air is clear and a little chilly. very beautiful. we did have to go to some more shops for Myrtle this afternoon after we arrived as she was suffering from withdrawals from no shopping. Sorry Vernon! She spent some more money and is feeling much better. We kept her company and I was lucky to find a few more things for Alysha.

This hotel is very nice and as I lie on my bed typing this the birds are singing outside even though it is dark, that is how well they have organized my stay. We returned via some beautiful areas of jungle and saw lots of palm plantations. They have replaced rubber production with palm oil production. Acre a and acres of them. The trucks loaded to overflowing belt along the roads at breakneck speed with no regard for other traffic, cows or the locals. amazingly there seems to be very few accidents.

We return to KL tomorrow and I hope to visit the bird park there to see a few more of the birds from Malaysia. I do have a great List but very few photos as the little buggers will not sit still for me to take their photos or they are too far away and when I sneak up on them they get antsie about it and fly off!

I am looking forward to coming back and seeing you all doing the New Vogue Waltz, plus whatever other little surprises Narelle and Michael have given you. I am sure it was great having a change from old cranky pants!!!

see you soon,


  1. Hi Heather, how did you know we called you that??? Love Col,

  2. Dear Ms Parsons

    I have looked unsuccessfully for whatever it is that Colin is referring to but have not found it.

    Anyway ... I love you more than he does so there!

    Besides, unlike him, I still go dancing after my skin cancer operations anyway.

    I hope U will return VERY soon coz I miss U a lot and I know U miss me as well.

    David x

    PS I have a Beverley-free weekend this weekend and I am especially sad you aren't here. I will go dancing anyway coz maybe somebody will go but I know Esana is in Canada unfortunately and that is sad toooo !

    PPS I have 2 free coffees on my card so come home soon - please!