Friday, March 25, 2011

Taman Negara 4

We are in Genting Highlands at this moment and enjoying, again, the cooler climate up in the higher altitude. Many thanks to Col and Greg for placing a comment to our posts. Any news from Oz is very welcome. I have placed some more photos of our Orang Asli (aborigines) visit and experience with this post and a couple of Genting Highlands sites - hope you enjoy. Neil

The boat ride to the Orang Asli village, Taman Negara

Our orang asli blowgun exert - Taman Negara

Heather - teddy bear killer 1

Dawn - teddy bear killer 2

Anne - teddy bear killer 3

Kay - teddy bear killer 4

Myrtle - teddy bear killer 5

Neil - who missed the target altogether

The innocent target.

Inside the Genting Highlands theme park.

In front of our Awana Hotel, Genting Highlands.

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  1. Miss Heather, did you only take one shirt?
    I know you guys don't know me but I'm a lunatic friend of Heather's and I've read all your blog entries and looked at all your photos. Looks like you've all had a great time.