Sunday, March 20, 2011

My thoughts on Malaysia so far

Hi Everyone,

Heather here. Again!!!! I wanted to share a few thoughts with you about what I have seen so far. My over riding impression is one of balanced survival. For the poor, it is hand to mouth, for the others it seems to be get one up on the next bloke so tomorrow is not so pressured. I notice a big difference between Kuala Lumpar and the other towns. In KL there is a huge pressure due to the volume of people and the competition between all of them, In Penang, it seems like there is a less pressured survival due to the rural feel.

One other thing that hits me is that NO ONE is asking for nothing for nothing. It is very dirty in many areas and this surprised me, as there is lots of people here but they seem to be busy doing the essentials and do not notice the filth. The country is very pretty in areas other than in the town, no infrastructure apparent, O H and S issues everywhere, few hospitals, no building codes, no town planning, and little thought for the future.

I have had very mixed experiences with the food. being a good Queensland girl, I am not used to curry so Ihave tried some mild ones and enjoyed them but curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner is not my idea of a good time. speaking of curry, you should see the toilets here. It is a hole in the floor, hose attached to the wall, and you have to pay for the privilege, and the paper. Now that we are up in the highlands, the fruit is delightful.

got to go, dinner has arrived.

love to everyone,

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