Friday, March 18, 2011

Langkawi 2

This post will focus on our Langkawi sector. Langkawi Island is a few hundred kilometers or so north of Penang. The way to travel to Langkawi is by direct ferry from Penang or by driving along the mainland of Malaysia to Kuala Kedah and taking the shorter ferry ride. There is a direct air flight from Penang to Langkawi which takes about one hour. We took the Kuala Kedah route so we could cross over the long Penang Bridge and see a bit of the northern Malaysian coastline. We didn’t know that there was the Malaysian school holiday season which made the hour journey from Kuala Kedah to Kuah (Langkawi’s ferry port) a crowded and uncomfortable sea ride. Once we made our Berjaya Resort on the far side of Langkawi all was good and we settled in to our five star establishment and enjoyed the beauty of a tropical paradise.

During the entire three days some had just relaxed by the poolside and observed geckos, squirrels, hornbills, lemurs and other fascinating fauna around the hotel. Most however toured the world famous sky bridge on top of Langkawi’s highest mountain – wow what a view!! Other places visited were the “black beach” on the north side of the island and the bird park.

For those who would like to know of any interesting moments of our trip – well nothing unusual has occurred. Neil drives the 10 seater Toyota van – mostly taking the ladies to dressmaking shops and just shepherding everyone to dinner etc. We seem to be late at every arranged time however! Tom and Carol left Langkawi on day 1 for the journey back to KL and hence back to Oz. They only stayed in Sydney for one day to take a connecting flight to LA and Las Vegas. We had our friend Shirley and Emmerline with us in Langkawi. Shirley has been our dedicated GPS2 and interpreter whilst Dawn is our GPS1 usually sitting in the front seat of the van to guide the driver through thick and thin – with lots of successes we might add.

To finish off this post the group would like to thank David and Bev back in Oz for their wonderful thought by giving us some money to enjoy our holiday. There is a picture with this post of us with cocktails at the Golden Sands Hotel along Penang’s famous beach area of Batu Ferringhi. The drinks were great and witnessing the sunset along this stretch of tourist attractions during this great moment the salute went to Dave and Bev. Until next time – selamat.    

Breakfast at the Sri Ananda, Tanjoing Bungah Penang. The meals are typically Malaysian - rotis, banana rotis, apple& carrot juices and all sorts of curry dishes.

Walking across the Sky Bridge Langkawi - at 705 metres the view of the Straits of Malacca, Thailand and all of Langkawi can be seen. The journey up is not for the feint-hearted.

Saying goodbye to Tom and Carol. With Shirley looking at the camera person. This was taken descending the cable car on Langkawi.

Guess who on the Sky Bridge, Langkawi.

A beautiful scene at the Black Beach, Langkawi. There is a maket here selling very very very cheap clothes. It was a magnet for those who visited this site.

See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil - not in those order. Three lovelies at the Black Beach Langkawi

At the Langkawi Bird Park.

Drinking cocktails at the Golden Sands Hotel beach garden. Drinks were on the house courtesy to Dave & Bev. Oh! they were delicious and fine discussions were heard thinking about the Rooty Hill dance events.

Emmerline (our friend from Penang) and Myrtle joining in to a pre-wedding photo shoot. The couple are dressed in traditional costume and welcomed us to participate with them. Emmerline is a line-dancing instructor who at our age is the envy of many people with her energy and zest.


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