Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cameron Highlands 1

Hi Everyone,

heather here, We have arrived at a higher altitude, and the humidity is much less oppressive. It has been a long twisty drive up throughout various habitat. it is now obvious that this is the bread basket for the local area. the hills are covered on every square inch with farming of tea, vegetables, fruit and other sorts of food. I have seen beasts for the first time in numbers, and the stalls all have a much better variety of fruit available plus vegs instead of junk and clothes.
The sleep last night was difficult as the school holidays are on and the Malaysians have a no discipline policy according to Neil. By goodness, I would go crazy here with that policy or suddenly there would be a few sore bums! Screaming at anytime of night is OK apparently!

We are off to a tea plantation today and that will be good for me so I will soak up lots of tea to last the rest of the trip as Neil and Anne don't drink tea of coffee so we don't get many top ups for us vaccine addicts.

The locals seem very poor as well but are not as insistent for you to buy. They seem to be better fed, working hard in the fields and living hand to mouth as seems to be the norm for this country unless you are wealthy.

Well we are off to the bus now so will see you later,

Love to everyone,

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