Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Warning From Neil

Neil has asked me tell you all that no comments lately has meant that he will not post any photos until we gat some feedback. This means that you will need to read his previous post about how to put up comments. it is explained within that post and is quite simple.

We are a bit out of touch with most of you as only David Walton and my friend Kathy have left a message for us. It is now almost two and a half weeks that have gone past, that is two Wednesday's and two Saturday night dancing visits to the club. tell us that you miss us or we might have to stay.



  1. We certainly miss you, particularly the way you can get the onlookers to be quiet. Michael and Narelle have done a good job, although I have only been on one Wed, due to skin cancer op and future son in laws bucks night, but I did go last night, where the second lesson on New Vogue waltz was done. Class was quite large.
    While I have not posted before, I have enjoyed reading about your trip and the photos have been particularly interesting and of good quality so please continue to post.
    Hope the rest of your trip is great, and that you have a safe trip home.


  2. Don't you dare stay there Miss Heather, Darcy is calling you.
    Some news of home - it rained all last week, we have to vote tomorrow, the football season has started.