Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cameron Highlands 2

Message from Heather - I heard that Michael & Narelle are coping well and hope that the crowd at Rooty Hill are treating you both like they treat me - did the panadol tablets come in handy....and Michael hve you finished the jelly beans yet?

Message from Myrtle - I'm missing the dancing and I have been a good girl. Heather will explain more on her return to Oz.

Message from Dawn - I have made a new friend - her name is Olivia (from Neil - this is Dawn's new handbag purchased in Penang).

Message from Anne - I have found shoes in Penang that fits me - yahoo!!

Photos of Cameron Highland - focusing on the Boh Tea Factory. Cameron Highlands is famous for it tea, veggies, strawberries and is one of Malaysia's cream tourist districts.

The ladies and our trusty steed taken from of the Century Pines Resort, Cameron Highlands.

Heather in deep thought with our tour guide at the Boh Tea Factory, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands.

Kay in full flight - the hills are alive!!!!!

Neil after being tossed over the hill by the group.

A lovely pose of Dawn - ahhhhhhh!

Myrtle enjoying the scenery at the Boh Tea Factoy, Cameron Highlands.

A view of a typical tea plantation Cameron Highlands

The Smokehouse - an expensive dig and restuarant in the Cameron Highlads.

Anne in the garden surrounding near the Century Pines Resort, Cameron Highlands.

The well-manicured garden near the Century Pines Resort, Cameron Highlands.

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