Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Taman Nagara 3

Heather again, Our last day here was quiet to start and then we visited a small settlement of local aborigines. Yes they are called that here also. It consisted of five or seven huts made with one room and a raised verandah. Each hut was roofed with palm leaves, sides made from either tarps, or bark. Inside there was a plethora of rubbish, outside there was rubbish everywhere, and the children looked very bored, poorly fed and one lady was caring a extremely small new born baby. So very sad to see. I was left with the feeling that they were only there as they got income from being on display. They had practices very similar to our aborigines who live in the traditional manner. it was very easy to see that the theory of our aborigines travelled from this area 40,000 years ago does make sence as they do have obvious similarities.

The weather has been nice, not so humid, not so much rain and no mosquitoes to speak of. I have also been very lucky with bird watching. I saw a beautiful bee eater today, two flocks of hornbills flying, a new little bul bul species, and a few other insect eaters that I had not noticed before at the other places. I have a loverly long list of birds that I have been able to identify. Not many lizards though which is a little disappointing.

the flora has also been surprising, so much variation in foliage. the trees do form some of the most beautiful patterns of greens with variation in the shapes and size in leaves. The bamboo is also very interesting in size and shape. it appears is all the forest areas, and is in many areas as decoration.Not many flowers at all.

We are on the last few days and tomorrow morning we go to the Genting Highlands for one night then back to KL before we fly home. We do have to pick up all Myrtles shoes from the shoemaker before we leave and buy three new suitcases to carry them home. by the way Vernon, Myrtle sends a message to say she has a BeeBop for you and that will make up for all the shoes she has bought!!!!!I know that will make it all perfect for you.

Our suitcases are all full, we are tired and waiting to sleep in our own beds so by next Wednesday we will be back ready to dance and get all the weight off that we have gained from all the food that has been eaten!!!!

see you soon,

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