Monday, March 21, 2011

Taman Negara 1

We have successfully arrived at a new area up in the centre of Malaysia, rainforest and mossies, with no thanks to Neils wild driving. He hit every pot hole on the road here!!!!
The resort is not quite up to standard, with a few basic essentials missing. There is a resident rooster, who welcomed us for at least half an hour of crowing. he will get a shoe thrown at him tomorrow morning I suspect. There are lots of Asian house geckos here, which bark quite loudly for such a small lizard.
We are off to canopy walk tomorrow morning, which will test our endurance, up steep hills, across rivers, on top of the trees and through the forest. We have to buy a permit to use our camera so we will have to get our money's worth. Lots of good photos. I am looking forward to seeing some good birds, maybe a few monkeys or even a leopard cat.

the downhill run has started so we are on our way back to KL ready to come back to OZ.I am getting better from my dose of the cold, but Dawn has it now. can't accuse us of not sharing!
We have slept with all the girls, so we now know all the intimate details that will be worth bribes after we return. I see some coffee and cake coming Vernon as I know lots of secrets now! Did you know Myrtle talks in her sleep??????

Time to go to the room, as the wifi only works up here in the restaurant.
David, I did try to send a reply but I can't remember my google account log in. So I need to reply publicly....... I am missing you, I will bring you back a present, I can't promise anything else.We will talk when I get back.

Love to everyone, Heather

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